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Do you work with men or male/female couples?

Sorry, but our studio is female only. We want our models to feel comfortable while working here, so men are not allowed.

Are there any age restrictions? Do you work with older models?

All models must be18 years of age or older. As far as older models, we LOVE THEM! Many young guys on the site have a MILF/cougar fetish and there are a lot of older customers who don't want to talk to a model the same age as his daughter or granddaughter. Therefore older models can do very well as long as they are friendly and flirtatious.

Do you only work with skinny models or do you accept plus size models?

We work with models of all sizes. Sexiness is an attitude and not a body type.

Is this job safe?

It is very safe. In fact, it is safer than stripping, porn, or most other jobs for that matter. You are broadcasting from the safety of your own cam room, in a secure studio, your customers never know where you are, no one is touching you, and you are in total control! It can't get much safer than that.

Can I block certain cities from viewing me?

Of course! There are geographic restriction tools that allow you to block any city, state, or country.

How do I get paid?

Models get paid from doing private shows, group shows, and getting tips. Besides that, there are also many other ways models can make extra money such as selling photos, videos, undergarments, and other various items. Cashcam models earn up to 80% of gross sales.

Do I have to get naked on cam?

You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want on cam, but do keep in mind that this is an adult site. The majority of the shows consist of role-playing, girlfriend experiences, voyeurism, and solo masturbation. Not getting naked can possibly lower your income potential, but there is a market for non-nude webcam modeling.

How can I become a webcam model?

You must be 18yrs or older with a valid government ID. If you meet these requirements  click JOIN CASHCAM.

Can I hide my face when I'm in front of the camera?

To be honest, no. Clients don’t like to talk to someone who is afraid to show their face, especially when other models don’t hide. If you are too afraid to show your face, this is probably not the right business for you.

But keep in mind, we employ geo-blocking which you can use to block any country or state from seeing you when you work.

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