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Helping women achieve their goals since 2003

We are a US-based company; however, our studios are in sunny Kingston, Jamaica. One of our studios is in the Crossroad area and the other near Half Way Tree. Each studio is close to all major transportation hubs. Our all-female staff is composed of shift managers, social media managers, computer techs, photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists. We are open 24/7 to accommodate all scheduling needs. Best of all our models are paid weekly, earning up to 80% of gross sales.

At Cashcam we believe it takes two things to be successful in business– Innovation & Marketing! When you are working online, and there are 1,800 other models that you are competing against, you have to ask how are you going to set yourself apart? Cashcam Studio helps you stand out from the crowd by providing training classes and cutting-edge technology that keeps you one step ahead.

Webcam sites are confusing, and the customers tricky. So we provide a supportive environment that gets you quickly up to speed while avoiding newbie pitfalls and frustrations. Working with us, will keep you safe and allow you to start earning money faster and with more confidence.

Our Studios

Your Home Away From Home

Our studio locations are home to over 20 cam rooms. Each studio has fast dedicated fiber optic internet, providing over 100Mb upload speeds to all our computers. Why is this that important? The faster your internet, the better your position on the webcam site. Better position equals more customers, which means more money.

Now since we understand everyone has unique working needs and comfort levels we offer two studio styles. The first provides self-contained private suites with kitchenettes and bathrooms for models who need complete privacy. The second is a cubicle style layout, for the models who need a bit more interaction with other models to be successful. We're here for you, so the choice is yours, choose a studio that fits your personal needs.

our equipment

Our Models Deserve The Best

To be the best we know you need the best tools. With that in mind, we make sure our models are good to go with high-quality equipment.

High-Performance Computers

All of our computers are equipped with i5-i7 Processors and 8GB of Ram or more.

24-27 Inch Monitors

Every working area come setup with large displays so you can monitor more at once.

Logitech Webcams

Crispy video is vital for this job so we use Logitech cams for professional level HD video.

Quality Microphones

Clear audio is just as important as crisp video so a dedicated audio input is the way to go.

Diffused Lighting

A quality webcam show needs the best lighting, so we use professional studio grade diffused lighting.

Interactive Toys

We assist our models to get interactive toys. Interactive toys typically equal more tips.

Streaming Software

We use industry grade Webcam Splitting Technology which allows streaming on multiple sites at once.

Active Watermarking

We utilize watermarking software to copyright protect all of our model's streams.

Why Choose US

It Doesn't Get Any Better

We don't want to come off boastful, but here are a few reasons why Cashcam is the right choice if you're looking to be a webcam model.


Training For Success

We provide two weeks of paid training. During training, you will learn how to make money and protect yourself online. You will learn what it takes to become a successful webcam model. We also offer photo shoots and classes to improve your skills in makeup application and much more.


Enhanced Privacy Protection

The process starts from the day you register. We help you to select the cam site and screen name that's right for you; this step is very significant. You are then trained to avoid pitfalls that may compromise your privacy because some sites are very good at limiting your overall exposure but other's not so much. Our top priority is your privacy and safety, click the button below to see what tools we use to make sure you have 360 protection.

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Makeup And Photos And Glamour Oh My

Since you are the star, we know it's essential for you to look your best. With that in mind, we have an in-house makeup artist who conducts training classes to teach models how to apply makeup if needed as well as in-house photographers who take pictures for your cam profile. The more attractive your profile, the easier it is to attract more customers.


Your Perfect Social Presence

Having a social media presence is necessary if you want to be a success. However, if you do it the wrong way, you won't have the desired effect, even worse you will attract negative attention. We provide a social media manager that will guide you through the process of maintaining a social media account for the best outcomes.


Let Your Hair Down And Get Loose

All work and no play makes for a dull life so at Cashcam we like to shake things up with regular contests to give our models a chance to win cash and prizes.

The fun doesn't stop there, trips and parties are a part of our culture too. We believe they boost morale and keep the Cashcam family strong. Plus a little fun never hurt anyone right? đŸ˜‰

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